For Those Who Ask..


For Those Who Ask…..

Lately I have had some strange things happen in my life. A neighbor I am not especially close to felt impelled to pray over me and with me the other morning while I was down stairs washing my clothes in the community laundry. She passed the doorway with a usual good morning as we do and moments later slipped back in and asked if she could offer a prayer for me. She took my hands and prayed the most loving prayer of hope and kindness. This was odd, but welcome. (I have had some stressful internal issues lately. Though I don’t always share them; God knows what you need and when you need it. I have been rather shell-shocked since April.) This no doubt was a little hug from our Lord thru someone in tune with his will.

The other incident was 7/3/2013 and just precious also. We have an elderly Spanish lady who lives here. She is our adopted community Mom. (She does not speak a lick of English – but gets the point across!) She fussed at me the other day about smoking – I mean fussed… I told her in my best Spanish: Thank you for Love Me ..

Ironically, I have been praying to quit smoking and trying to work towards my prayers since Father’s Day. A perfect gift.

7/8/2013 = I received my first box of Chantix. I will win. “Those who ask the door will be opened.”—-> Jesus