Lifestyle Changes and Weight

August 23, 2012

Cooking for one can be a challenge. The nice result is shopping & planning meals for one allows portion control to be much easier while quality of the meals becomes much better. It saves money to plan, shop, and cook in a portion control life change mode. Diets work for some individuals. Others have more going on (like me) and losing weight becomes a life change of decision and choices daily. March of 2003, I weighed 350+ pounds. May of 2005 I weighed 230 pounds. (Sadly, I gained this all back.) I weighed 360+ in August 2007. I weighted 232 in Oct. of 2011. I have gained 40 pounds back. I am now 272. We struggle and win. We fall, but get back in the game. It is a journey. Life changes only work if they are “Life Changes.”

Most important in this is attitude – don’t give up.

One of the best portion control gauges is the stomach is suppose to be the size of your loosely clinched fist. (Organ size not belt size!) Is that not a visual? Compare that to the plate we often sit down to. Makes you think doesn’t it?