Video Creation – Hobby and Art Therapy




There is a new video on the front page of my website: 

I made it as a self-therapy project. The last couple weeks has been a struggle with different issues in my own life. I have been contemplating making a new video with animal stills in it. It is a pleasant couple of hour project that makes a fulfilling result. I use the Windows Movie Maker on my HP Laptop. The pictures I use are saved from friends or I have taken them – some were sent to me. The music has come from dozens of places. Mp3 is always best. These videos are to give an idea of what one can do if they want to make a family stills video for a therapy project. Do not allow yourself to become frustrated know when to get up and come back to it later. These are wonderful for gifts. It is easy to save them on a high quality thumb drive or sd chip and add to a card for that someone special. (The same storage can be plugged into a digital picture frame as a gift.)
  Please enjoy and give thought to projects you can do to settle your mind.  It need not be a huge project – just an enjoyable one.   MJM



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