Portion Control and Weight Lose

Rebuilding yourself better overtime.

I use portion control for loosing weight. I have been successful 2 times before at loosing massive amounts of weight. (March 2003 – March 2005 I lost 165ilbs.) As part of this, I used frozen meals such as: Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, Hungry Man, Healthy Choice, Marie Calendar..etc (I also ate soups, stopped eating sugar, bread, condiments like Mayo, increased my vegi intake and drank unsweetened tea, water, V8, and coffee.) My snacks included small portions of fresh fruit or tuna and crackers. (tuna can be made better with diced tomatoes and herbs/chives/onions.)

I ate nothing after 5pm.

The thing is if you do this it must be a life change in order to keep the weight off.

The human body is symmetrical. Different parts of the body are the same length or size of other parts. If one considers this the true then it is not hard to imagine the human stomach is suppose to be the size of ones loosely clinched fist — which makes sense.  How are we born? A porter house steak would not fit in that tummy at any time until …. well ?? Makes you wonder.

The idea is to have portion control and variety.






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