Between a Rock & A Hard Place



Between a Rock & A Hard Place

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The other day I was going along and a passed a retaining wall.  On that retaining wall was a dandelion it was growing out of a single crack. It was the only vegetation growing out of that whole retaining wall. (The wall was 30-foot length and it was 5 foot high.) The little dandelion seemed just as happy as it could be sprouting in bloom from the middle of the wall all alone.

It made me think of the scripture where Jesus said “See the lily of the valley? How it does not spin or toil – yet would you see how it is dressed – how beautifully? It is here today and gone tomorrow; but you – are you not worth so much more to your father in heaven? If he pays attention to the little things that are of no concern how much more so will he take care of your needs?”

Often times in life we are between a rock and hard place.  When I seen that dandelion and I thought about that scripture I considered how ironic the picture was before me.  The little flower was so beautiful.  Our attitude sometimes is what makes or breaks the situation that we are in.  A dear friend of mine once said our attitude dictates our latitude.  And that is so true.  No matter what were going through, where we’ve been, or how hard life is – we must always remember that we have a heavenly father who loves us. He gave his son to teach us a better way and die for our mistakes. It is imperative that we exercise faith, perseverance, prayer, and most of all: a meek and loving attitude.  Revelation 21 gives us a wonderful promise he will wipe out sorrow, pain, and death – even wipe every tear from eyes.  He’s going to make all things new.  And all the hardships that we’ve been through will pass away like the wind that blows across the field we will remember them no more.  The sad memories certainly be carried away.  So when you think you’ve had all you can handle and you’re between the rock and a hard place think of the little dandelion growing in the retaining wall and remember your attitude affects your latitude.       MJM


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