Autoimmune Disease – Goodpasture Syndrome

Late 2010 a dear friend of mine’s mother (Ms. O) became very ill and nearly died. The hospital staff ran test after test screening for everything that could be imagined that followed her symptoms. She presented with renal failure and pulmonary hemorrhaging. The very best doctors were consulted over the medical web of care provided by the hospital. A (probable) diagnosis of Goodpasture Syndrome was cautiously considered and a treatment plan began. The wonderful outcome was Ms. O lived. Her lungs cleared, but she is on dialysis due to kidney failure. Her prognosis is very hopeful as there are two kidney donors close to her. The prospect of reoccurrence of the disease is slim.  Though she has dialysis regularly through the week; she drives and is very active for a 64 year old woman. This is a huge change from when she became ill. We rejoice in the fact that her life is almost back to normal. 

She abides by a careful diet, dialysis, and is very active.  (It was delayed due to an unrelated cancer surgery this year.)       





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